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Mobile solutions for logistics

Logistics apps provide a tool that can be used on the go with a smartphone or tablet. Companies that carry out elaborate inventories in the warehouse can do so quickly and easily.
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June 22, 2020
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Leogistics, a global SAP logistics partner in the area of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) specializing in Transportation Management, Warehouse Management and Yard Management, supports the control and optimization of logistics processes on the factory premises and in the warehouse with its proprietary apps Leo-Counting, Leo-iDrive, Leo-Load and Leo-Secure.

"It was important to us to offer our customers easy navigation and a high level of practical benefit with the new apps. Operation is intuitive and simple. We based our design on the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines.

The apps are based on SAP UI5 technology, can be installed on all mobile devices and can be used via any browser," explains André Käber, CEO of Leogistics.

The digital supply chain specialist has deliberately opted for a cloud approach in order to reduce software barriers for customers, enable fast implementation times and implement new technologies, including IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The solutions are aimed at manufacturing and transportation companies.

Taking all process participants into account and using future-oriented web technologies, end-to-end supply chain processes are mapped on the central Myleo/dsc platform.

Customers can flexibly decide whether they want to use the solution as a public or private cloud and to what extent they want to integrate it into their existing IT infrastructure, for example SAP ERP or SAP EWM.

"The vision of a holistic transport, logistics and yard management platform has been with us for several years. Now the requirements for logistics software have become significantly more stringent in terms of speed, collaboration, simplification and technology.

In the past, it was mainly functions that mattered. Today, the user of logistics solutions is crucial. For this reason, we have decided to combine our process expertise with new technologies and put the user even more at the center of software and service development.

The result is Myleo/dsc. The software can be introduced within a few days. It is largely self-explanatory and requires little training," adds CEO Käber.


AI/ML and image recognition

Companies that carry out complex inventories in the warehouse can do this with the Leo Counting app. Based on machine learning and image recognition, it is possible to count objects on images.

The user can select an image or take a picture on site and send it to the Myleo/dsc logistics platform. They then receive the number and position of the counted objects, which are conveniently displayed in the app. Each object is highlighted in color in an overlay above the image.

If objects are incorrectly recognized or not recognized at all, changes can be made, for example by adding, removing or moving markers. In addition, Leo Counting allows operation using gesture control via the touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet.

Leo-iDrive was developed to provide shippers, freight forwarders and drivers with a range of interactive helpers. The app is designed to make it easier for truck drivers to check in and out on the factory premises.

Thanks to paperless, digitalized route planning and real-time reporting of traffic-related delays or breaks, all relevant information such as planned and current arrival times can be transmitted directly to drivers or subcontractors. According to the app manufacturer, this saves 25 percent of throughput and waiting times.

In addition, IT-supported communication between the shipper and freight forwarder leads to a reduction in media disruptions: Loading, delivery or additional time information is stored directly in the app and provides full control over ongoing tours at all times.

The iDrive app displays driving positions in real time and can be used as a pager on the factory premises to identify drivers and vehicles, inform them of current driving orders and automatically direct them to the charging station.

The load securing app makes it possible to document the securing of the loaded goods. By creating loading aids as master data, used and consumed loading aids are recorded and added to the load weight in order to check for any truck overloading. At the same time, reporting is used to evaluate the loading aids used over the period.


By taking and saving photos in the app, a company can protect itself against recourse claims from the customer or carrier for missing or defective goods.

The signature of the loader and the driver makes it possible to trace who has carried out the load securing. Furthermore, the signature of the inspector is stored in the document as an image, as well as data on the condition of the load and truck, including a time stamp for the individual loading processes.

The checklist is a lean app for driver and vehicle checks at the factory gate and is managed in the system in an audit-proof manner. Questions are answered in the app in groups and the results are saved in the system. Rules control which inspection activities are to be implemented via the app.

For example, it can be configured so that all pending vehicle inspections for the day, sorted according to the planned check-in times, end up in the corresponding queue. This allows the staff at the gate to see what is pending. The questionnaire can be completed by the driver directly at the vehicle with just a few clicks.
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