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Abdurassul Magiun, Camelot Consulting Group

Achim Beckmann, B4B Solutions

Achim Beckmann is COO at B4B Solutions.
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Achim Beckmann, Itelligence

Principal Manager Hybris at itelligence Germany
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Achim Berg, Bitkom

Achim Berg is Bitkom President
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Achim Dewald, Prior1

Achim Dewald is project manager at Prior1
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Achim Töper, Basis Technologies

Achim Toeper has in-depth knowledge of SAP and DevOps, which enables him to present innovative solutions and successfully develops overall solutions for existing customer scenarios at Basis Technologies. With an in-depth knowledge of SAP and DevOps, Achim Toeper presents innovative solutions and successfully develops overall solutions for existing customer scenarios at...
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Achim Westermann, SNP

Achim Westermann is SNP-IFS Product Owner.
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Achim Zimmermann, Q-Partners/Devoteam

Achim Zimmermann is Director SAP at Q-Partners/Devoteam
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Adrian Baumann Enowa

Adrian Baumann is Senior SAP Consultant and Developerbe bei Enowa
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Adrian Trickett, Boomi

AFI Solutions Ltd.

Alan Duncan Blue Yonder

Senior Director, Industry Strategy Blue Yonder
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Alan Duric, Wire

Alan Duric is CTO, COO and co-founder of Wire.
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Albrecht Munz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Sales Manager MCS21+ Team, Germany Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Ales Zeman, Dell

Ales Zeman is Manager Presales at Dell Software.
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Alexander Biliz, Deloitte

Alexander Biliz is Consultant SAP Licensing at Deloitte
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Alexander Brocksieper, BTC

Alexander Brocksieper, Head of SAP Business Development, BTC Business Technology Consulting.
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Alexander Ertl, Tricentis

Alexander Ertl is Group Product Manager SAP at Tricentis.
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Alexander Haas, Gisa

Alexander Haas is a Consultant SAP Logistics at Gisa. The industrial engineer is currently completing his doctorate at HHL Leipzig.
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Alexander Kästner, DataVard

Alexander Kästner is Account Manager at DataVard. His specialties are data management, ILM and performance optimization.
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Alexander Leitsoni, Ecosio

Alexander Leitsoni is an EDI analyst at Ecosio.
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Alexander Neuhausen, Diva-E

Alexander Neuhausen is Principal Analyst and Business Consultant at Diva-E Digital Value Enterprise.
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Alexander Oberle, Tangro

Alexander Oberle is Head of SAP Product Development at Tangro.
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Alexander Vogt, GTW

is Business Development Manager at SAP partner GTW.
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Alexander Wallner, NetApp

Alexander Wallner, Senior Vice President & General Manager EMEA at NetApp.
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Alexandra Hartung, Workday

Head of SME Germany, Workday
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Alexandra Osmani, Circle Unlimited

Alexandra Osmani is a freelance IT journalist and advises Circle Unlimited and Innobis, among others, on public relations.
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Alexandra Palandrani, IBS

Alexandra Palandrani is Auditor & Consultant IT Security at IBS Schreiber.
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Working on the SAP basis is crucial for successful S/4 conversion. 

This gives the Competence Center strategic importance for existing SAP customers. Regardless of the S/4 Hana operating model, topics such as Automation, Monitoring, Security, Application Lifecycle Management and Data Management the basis for S/4 operations.

For the second time, E3 magazine is organizing a summit for the SAP community in Salzburg to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of S/4 Hana groundwork. All information about the event can be found here:

SAP Competence Center Summit 2024


Event Room, FourSide Hotel Salzburg,
At the exhibition center 2,
A-5020 Salzburg

Event date

June 5 and 6, 2024

Regular ticket:

€ 590 excl. VAT


Event Room, Hotel Hilton Heidelberg,
Kurfürstenanlage 1,
69115 Heidelberg

Event date

28 and 29 February 2024


Regular ticket
EUR 590 excl. VAT
The organizer is the E3 magazine of the publishing house AG. The presentations will be accompanied by an exhibition of selected SAP partners. The ticket price includes the attendance of all lectures of the Steampunk and BTP Summit 2024, the visit of the exhibition area, the participation in the evening event as well as the catering during the official program. The lecture program and the list of exhibitors and sponsors (SAP partners) will be published on this website in due time.