SAP-Lösung: ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning is the holistic and business organization of physical resources and capital as well as data in terms of the company's purpose. ERP is also a collective term for many organizational, technical and business IT applications and solutions.

A documentary will provide insights into the relevance of Data Science in e-sports. SAP software tools are designed to provide valuable data to trainers, coaches and teams.
How do ECC Abap modifications make it into the new ERP world S/4 Hana? SAP has created a development environment on the Business Technology Platform with the project name Steampunk. Are BTP and Steampunk the next ERP generation after S/4?
Mayer & Cie.'s claim to innovation heralded a comprehensive digitization journey that is intended to secure and extend its market lead in the future. The motto is: increasing efficiency along the entire value chain.
Linux, as an open source operating system, has been present in the SAP community for about 20 years. But open source is much more. In recent years, the scene has evolved rapidly, and with IBM's acquisition of Red Hat, the topic of "open source" received its B2B accolade.
SAP CEO Christian Klein’s statement at the DSAG Annual Congress 2023 in Bremen proves that he wants “cloud only”; however, he has no concept behind it. Because “cloud only” does not mean that everyone is in the cloud; rather it means that there is only one version of it.
There are many challenges that SAP Basis and Infrastructure teams face. An SAP Basis system management suite with great automation functionality creates many benefits.
With the new invoice workflow for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition on SAP BTP, xSuite Group opens up new areas of application in P2P workflow.
Digitization is taking hold in all business areas and is being driven forward massively in most industries. There is a need to catch up in this respect in the financial organization, where too little has been invested in automation in recent years.
SAP CEO Christian Klein has done a great thing: the pre-programmed crash has been prevented. But where do we go from here? No one at SAP knows.
The SAP deadline of 2027 applies to most applications and existing customers. They are actively driving the necessary migrations. However, innovation is often neglected during the transformation. But this does not have to be the case.
ERP systems that have grown for decades form the backbone of many companies. Transforming them is a huge undertaking. Those who involve specialists for IT landscapes with enterprise architects reach their goal better and faster.
With his own low-code development platform, Tangro founder Andreas Schumann has proven that the successful development of ERP systems is still possible even after SAP Business by Design. ERP with high output can also be created simply with low code.
Work on SAP Basis is crucial for successful S/4 conversion. This gives the so-called Competence Center strategic importance among SAP's existing customers. Regardless of the operating model of an S/4 Hana, topics such as automation, monitoring, security, application lifecycle management, and data management are the basis for the operative S/4 operation. For the second time already, E3 Magazine is hosting a summit in Salzburg for the SAP community to get comprehensive information on all aspects of S/4 Hana groundwork. With an exhibition, expert presentations, and plenty to talk about, we again expect numerous existing customers, partners, and experts in Salzburg.
E3 Magazine invites you to learn and exchange ideas on June 5 and 6, 2024 in Salzburg. The Summit participation fee is Euro 590 excl. VAT. Until Friday, March 29, 2024, the Early Bird rate of Euro 440 excl.
The Steampunk and BTP Summit 2024 will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, February 28 and 29, 2024, at the Hilton Heidelberg Hotel, Kurfürstenanlage 1. The organizer is the E3 magazine of the publisher AG. The presentations will be accompanied by an exhibition of selected SAP partners. The participation fee for the two-day summit is Euro 590 excl. VAT. Until Thursday, November 30, 2023, there is an Early Bird rate of Euro 440 excl. VAT. The fee includes attendance at all presentations, the exhibition area, participation in the evening event, and catering during the official program. The lecture program and the list of exhibitors and sponsors (SAP partners) will be published on this website in due time.