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The opinion of the SAP community is not only important to us, it is of interest to everyone. You will thus find all contributions from this category clearly arranged by topic. New articles are published on a regular basis. We hope you enjoy reading our articles here at e3!
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This is the Editor-in-chief's weekly column. It's quite personal, critical, and constructive, and based on 20 years of experience in the SAP community.
Internal Communication
This is where you will find individual and public comments on the SAP community. Everything that needs to be said should also be documented.
This is the stage for our partners and friends! Here, people from the SAP community share their unique perspective.
This is our anonymous column, written by well-known people from the SAP community who know a great deal and are willing to share everything but thier own name.
SAP licensing is complex and requires technical and legal know-how. Only those who have optimized their licenses can avoid paying more than necessary.
Cloud Computing Column
Cloud computing is the flexible and dynamic provision of IT resources, such as hardware and software to external service providers via networks.
Analysts are an important part of the SAP community. The findings presented here serve to guide existing SAP customers, partners and SAP itself.
CFO Column
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has moved from being a numbers and finance manager to an influential shaper of digital transformation.
AI column
AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, is the science of teaching machines to think in a human-like manner.
B2B2C stands for Business to Business to Customer and covers all trade channels from raw materials to the end consumer.
Industry 4.0 is the central term for the digital tsunami that will hit industry and commerce in the coming years.
ItSecurity Column
Sensitive corporate data, including in SAP systems, is an attractive target for hackers. How can companies most effectively protect themselves against cybercriminals?
OpenSource column
Open source is a key factor in the SAP community, with software such as Linux already established in the scene. New themes include: Apache, OpenStack, Hadoop, KVM, Cloud Foundry, etc.
SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) is the central point for service and maintenance. In a hybrid IT architecture—on premise and on demand—maintenance becomes even more important.
Linux is a platform for R/3 up to ECC 6.0 and the sole operating system for Hana. Linux is thus the spearhead for open source at SAP. This column is mainly dedicated to Linux/Hana architectures.
Journalistic and artistic insights into the depths of the SAP community. Bitter, sarcastic, visionary, and courageous, the E-3 monthly satire column often aims below the belt and hits the sore spot time and time again.
DevOps column
DevOps (Development and IT Operations) is becoming increasingly important in software development—also in the SAP environment.
Abap column
As a programming language, Abap forms the basis of all SAP systems.
Two buzzwords dominate the SAP scene: big data and integration—which should of course be handled intelligently. However, due to the variety of tools and concepts available, this can be a challenge for SAP customers.
Digital transformation
Every white paper and keynote includes a popular keyword: digital transformation. However, besides being a beloved keyword, it is also a labor-intensive process! To make the challenge easier to meet for SAP customers, this section includes tips and tricks.
The migration to S/4 Hana brings many challenges, and success can only be assured through optimized business processes. Every month, we explain how to organize and optimize project management with plenty of tips.
SAP Cloud ALM will become the SolMan of cloud computing. Although this may sound logical, it also brings many new challenges for customers. We provide answers as to where ALM is helpful and where complementary ITSM tools are needed.
E3 Magazine has selected the most exciting companies to feature in our SAP Startup Spotlight series. Here you can find a collection of all texts in the series

Working on the SAP basis is crucial for successful S/4 conversion. 

This gives the Competence Center strategic importance for existing SAP customers. Regardless of the S/4 Hana operating model, topics such as Automation, Monitoring, Security, Application Lifecycle Management and Data Management the basis for S/4 operations.

For the second time, E3 magazine is organizing a summit for the SAP community in Salzburg to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of S/4 Hana groundwork. All information about the event can be found here:

SAP Competence Center Summit 2024


Event Room, FourSide Hotel Salzburg,
At the exhibition center 2,
A-5020 Salzburg

Event date

June 5 and 6, 2024

Regular ticket:

€ 590 excl. VAT


Event Room, Hotel Hilton Heidelberg,
Kurfürstenanlage 1,
69115 Heidelberg

Event date

28 and 29 February 2024


Regular ticket
EUR 590 excl. VAT
The organizer is the E3 magazine of the publishing house AG. The presentations will be accompanied by an exhibition of selected SAP partners. The ticket price includes the attendance of all lectures of the Steampunk and BTP Summit 2024, the visit of the exhibition area, the participation in the evening event as well as the catering during the official program. The lecture program and the list of exhibitors and sponsors (SAP partners) will be published on this website in due time.