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Mastering the Challenges of Transformation

Companies are under considerable pressure to transform in order to secure their competitive edge. Processes such as purchasing, development, production, sales, and financial controlling form a networked system against the backdrop of which digitalization, automation, and data science now play a decisive role for almost all industries.
Martin Hinz, Convista
December 1, 2023
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Today, AI-supported technologies can simplify more and more processes and make them more efficient in order to support specialists in their tasks and relieve them of time-consuming, manual work. For example, AI-supported systems can be used to examine a large number of data sets simultaneously and in real time, and the analysis results can be used for decision-making and to improve products and processes. Based on relevant and up-to-date market and customer data, companies can, for example, adapt existing products and services, introduce new products or personalize and optimize their customer approach for customer acquisition and retention.

The topic of sustainability is also a driver of transformation in companies and the company's own ecological footprint has now become a key performance indicator. Which investments and economic activities are ecologically sustainable and enable companies to differentiate themselves positively in the market? The preparation of sustainability reports is also becoming increasingly important for supervisory authorities and regulators. However, successful sustainability management and reporting requires consistent data collection and processing across all business processes. Here too, selected software solutions can help companies to comply with legal requirements and automate many processes.

Skills shortage and technological modernization backlog

In order to overcome all these opportunities and challenges, experienced experts are needed to design these digital processes. However, SMEs in particular generally only have small IT teams and are faced with a considerable shortage of specialists and limited budgets. This skills crisis is being exacerbated by demographic change. Many specialists from the baby boomer generation will retire in the next five to ten years.

In addition, there is often a considerable backlog in modernizing IT systems. In the insurance industry, for example, many companies are still using systems that are 20 years old or more. The pressure on companies to renew these systems is growing, as otherwise they run the risk of no longer being able to operate in five years' time. In other sectors of the economy, too, many companies have outdated IT systems that are in urgent need of modernization.

Implementing transformation projects effectively

Reliable and experienced partners are needed to provide companies with comprehensive support for their transformation projects based on their specialist knowledge and industry expertise. IT components and digital business processes are just one important component of the transformation. SMEs in particular need partners on an equal footing who can offer them sustainable solutions through comprehensive organizational and process consulting so that the technology used in the company can develop its full potential. The human factor is always important in any transformation project. After all, employees are the pillars that support change in the company and must be convinced of its benefits for the project to be a complete success.

As one of the leading transformation consultancies, we at Convista support companies in the design and implementation of new business processes and create end-to-end IT solutions - personally and at eye level to master the complex challenges of transformation. With our many years of experience and in-depth technology and industry expertise, we always develop pragmatic solutions that are tailored to our clients' individual requirements and support employees to prepare them for the upcoming changes and enable them to do their work of tomorrow. For around 25 years, we have been characterized by our passion for the highest quality consulting and the will to continuously develop in order to shape the future together with our customers.

Martin Hinz, Convista

Martin Hinz is CEO and co-founder of Convista and has been with the Convista Group for over eleven years. Hinz has been on the board of ConVista Consulting AG since 2012. He has more than 20 years of experience in software development in the insurance business. As one of the leading transformation consultancies, Convista supports companies in the design and implementation of new business processes and creates end-to-end solutions for SAP and IT projects.

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