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Hand in hand - and far ahead

Presumably, Hana diffusion is happening faster than many had thought. In the BW environment, it is almost common practice to replace classic systems with Hana. Suse is helping to underpin the success of SAP in-memory technology as a kind of SAP application completer.
Friedrich Krey, Suse
May 17, 2013
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The following news is making the rounds: sooner than expected, several large companies have migrated all Business Suite solutions to Hana converted. Even more have done so in the upper and small midmarket.

Over 50 percent rely on the Hana-in-memory technology with SAP All-in-One and Business One. The above is admittedly from the realm of fiction. And the very big Hana-dissemination rate on the rise.

Nor can anyone today predict in what intensity or progression the Hana-wave with the bulk of the SAPCustomers serves.

But that Hana will make his way, hardly anyone doubts that anymore.

Because Hana is coming of age faster than many had predicted. The mere fact that more and more companies are upgrading their BW systems to Hana is far more than just a respectable success.

It paves the way for SAPCustomers also their business suiteApplications at Hana put on.

Functioning Co-Innovation

As is well known Hana around the realization of a Appliance, an overall system consisting of Hardware- and software components that are optimally coordinated with each other.

The core components are essentially: software from SAP, Hardware/Processors from Intel and the operating system Suse Linux Enterprise Server for Applications.

Suse was involved in the development, at the invitation of SAPand even received the SAP Pinnacle Award for Co-Innovation in 2008.

At that time, there was talk of an unspecified in-memory project. Speech. As SAP-Co-Innovation Partner took Suse accepted the offer and provided engineers to help drive the project forward. Just as Intel as a further co-innovation partner.

According to hearsay, they worked through nights and weekends to produce a marketable in-memoryAppliance to provide the Insert from SAP-enterprise solutions on a new infrastructure basis and opens up new possibilities in terms of real-time business - whether for commercial OLAP or OLTP solutions.Applications.

Turning many screws

As one can imagine all too well, it is only vaguely possible to guess how many screws of all the Hana-way companions in the developments in technical and functional terms was or had to be turned.

With the operating system platform Suse Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications for SAP Hana, users today have important features at their fingertips to HanaInsert as optimally as possible.

For example, support for on-demand balancing of large in-memory workloads; ensuring high performance even in system stress situations, both in physical and virtualized systems; good technical support for business continuity requirements through build-in of the Suse Linux Enterprise HA Extension, and last but not least, features or templates for rapid commissioning of the SAPApplications.

Hanabut also otherSAP-solutions at a glance

Suse enjoys at Hana with Suse Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is a unique selling point.

It goes without saying that the optimizations of Suse Linux for Hana be continuously pushed forward in the sense of an evolutionary process.

But not only there. For Suse, it is both an incentive and an obligation to continue its achievements in all mission-critical projects.SAPApplications forward. After all, the majority of all SAPLinuxCustomers worldwide on SLES.

Currently, the figure is around 70 percent. However, one certainly does not go too far when one says: The end of the Linux-The end of the tunnel has not yet been reached. Finally, the swing in the SAPCustomers especially from Unix in the direction of Linux.

Of course Suse continues to strive to work with all relevant SAP-partners, both Hardware- as well as software partners, to work together constructively.

Reference is made only to the fact that Suse as a kind of SAP application complete supporter also other SAP-Appliances as Hana supported.

And have been for a long time. For example, NetWeaver Enterprise Search or the BW Accelerator, but also out-of-the-box offerings such as All-in-One FastStart.

All in all Suse other SAP-operating system platform providers far ahead.

Friedrich Krey, Suse

Friedrich Krey is Head of SAP Alliances and Partners EMEA Central SUSE Linux GmbH and one of our esteemed E3 SAP Community Magazine columnists.

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