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G.I.B Award Ceremony SCM Award

You can't win the Oscar and you don't have to walk the red carpet, but the SCM Award, which is presented by the software company G.I.B, is a coveted trophy.
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April 1, 2013
This text has been automatically translated from German to English.

Every company using the G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit can apply for the SCM Award. However, only the company that has demonstrably achieved success with one of the five independent modules of the G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit can win.

So it's not at all easy to get hold of the five-kilogram spherical pyramid made of solid iron. In addition to a questionnaire of several pages, figures, data and facts have to be disclosed:

How much could the readiness to deliver be improved? To what extent was inventory reduced? What improvement was achieved in the sales forecasts? Could meaningful key figures be implemented with the formula system? If yes, which ones? To what extent could costs be reduced through process optimization and to what extent could free capacities be created through time savings?

Candidates have to answer these and similar questions and, if possible, in percentages, units, volumes or euros. So if you want to win the SCM Award, you not only have to do everything right in your company, you also have to be able to prove and document it. It almost seems easier to win an Oscar ...

From the winner's podium to the career ladder

However, the reward for the successful software implementation is rarely limited to the award ceremony. Many a supply chain manager or IT project manager has catapulted up the career ladder as a result of their successes with Dispo Cockpit.

"This is 100 percent in line with our sales strategy."

Björn Dunkel, Head of Sales & Marketing at G.I.B., explains.

"Our product is complex. If you want to understand how and why competitive advantages can be realized with the MRP Cockpit, you have to understand the logic, know the SAP world, and master the logistics processes.

If this is the case, we meet with enthusiasm. We accompany and support our contacts on their way through the corporate divisions and hierarchies."

The advantages of the software are obvious. Why is it such a long and arduous road until everyone in the company is convinced? Clearly, because everyone in the company participates in the software and the monetary successes are only realized when the software is accepted and used correctly.

"When you introduce SAP, you know that this can and will meet with resistance from employees. When we introduced the Dispo Cockpit, this resistance did not take place. This is a pull, not a push principle.

It is simply accepted and implemented. Our recipe for success is that all employees are involved in finding solutions and implementing them right from the start, and their ideas and suggestions are integrated into the module".

Norman Seibold from ETA describes his experience.

It is difficult even for experts to quantify how serious the influence of dispositive adjusting screws can be on working capital. The "aha" effect is all the greater for management and the board of directors when it becomes clear how quickly and easily balance sheet benefits can be realized with the Dispo Cockpit.

"The departments were on fire for the Dispo-Cockpit Operations and Controlling modules. We then had to convince our company management.

This took some time, but now that we have the two G.I.B Dispo Cockpit modules Controlling and Operations in use, the management is also very satisfied with the results."

says Norbert Gotthard, Head of International Planning & SCM Operations at Brita.

In the end, everyone on the customer and supplier side should be able to smile with satisfaction. This has already worked for 250 medium-sized companies and corporations. And in German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Chinese ...

And the SCM Award 2013 goes to

When the envelope is opened on the evening of May 14, 2013, and the horn sounds, the winners may not be George Clooney, Mel Gibson or Angelina Jolie, but they certainly have a similar level of recognition. And Continental, Airbus, Trilux and ETA are actually a much better fit for the logistics and the award ...

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