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There are many challenges that SAP Basis and Infrastructure teams face. An SAP Basis system management suite with great automation functionality creates many benefits.
September 20, 2023
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Here's what it looks like today: For SAP Basis and Infrastructure teams, there are several challenges they face heavily. For example, it is imperative to comply with the security notes (SEC notes) issued by SAP at least once a month. These must be imported into the company's own SAP systems and also implemented. It is necessary to have the SEC Notes available at all times. The actual collection of the SEC Notes is a kind of fetch obligation for users. Another example: A much more complex challenge is the creation of SAP system copies and SAP sandboxes. Especially caused by the increased ERP ECC-SAP S/4 HANA switch. The reason for this is usually to have the "new" SAP systems with changed processes available as test systems. Or to be able to use the SAP S/4 HANA copy as a training system in different company departments.

The list of recurring or routine tasks and activities of SAP Basis or Infrastructure teams is long. In addition to the aforementioned system copy creation and import of SEC Notes, it can include SAP kernel patching, compliance checks, setting SAP system parameters, starts and stops, and restarts of SAP systems as well as databases and operating systems. In addition, there is the control of systems, the management of certificates in the SAP environment or patching of SAP system components.

The crux of the matter is that so-called "on-board tools" are often used, self-created scripts or other smaller programs that have been adapted again and again over time and are functionally not up to date or have gaps. In addition, there is usually only rudimentary documentation. Or only a few or even a single employee has knowledge of the procedures and programs, which can lead to problems. In addition, the available resources in SAP Basis and infrastructure teams are usually limited. And as a result, ad hoc tasks can only be handled through extra work or weekend activities.

To solve the challenges, more and more SAP Basis system management complete solutions are becoming established, with which many tasks and activities can be supported or implemented automatically. On the one hand, they cover all necessary SAP Basis doings with corresponding functionality; on the other hand, they bring with them a high degree of automation in the individual task and activity fields. The choice should be such that either one or more or all functional components (apps) can be used in different combinations. It goes without saying that a suite of this type is already geared to the special requirements of SAP use from the outset.

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For the SAP Basis or infrastructure teams, the advantages of an SAP Basis system management suite with a highly automated feature are obvious. They need much less time for the doings. Or: Resources and capacities for this are minimized, sometimes drastically, which results in cost minimization. For example, the automated creation of an SAP system copy takes only hours instead of days compared to a "manual" approach with the use of scripts.

Furthermore, the "software runs" can be scheduled for "non-working" times, or with a type of scheduling, the runs can be determined in terms of timing entirely according to preference. Furthermore, the SAP Basis processes take place in a consistently high process quality. At the same time, they are logged and versioned and are compliance-proof; software runs can also be simulated in advance. This virtually eliminates the possibility of something being forgotten compared to a manual procedure and work being unnecessarily prolonged. Another advantage: Extension options are taken into account, as are integration options (for example, with GIT or Ansible). 

Smart systems

In addition to automation functionality, modern SAP Basis system management solutions feature monitoring or reporting mechanisms. As a result, they provide all important and always up-to-date status information of the SAP systems used as well as of all important SAP system components, such as databases, operating systems or servers, including SAP application servers, practically at the push of a button. As a result, SAP Basis or infrastructure teams are able to call up or display the status of their SAP systems at any time and, if necessary, carry out optimizations in a timely manner to ensure smooth SAP operation. 

Speaking of "at the push of a button". In connection with SAP Basis system management solutions, usability plays an important role in ensuring that they can be used in practice. Not every SAP Basis system management automation software fulfills the requirement of a "smart system" and an easy-to-use solution. "Clicking instead of programming" must be the guiding principle. This means that even less qualified SAP Basis specialists are able to create an SAP system copy or handle SEC Notes, for example, after a short training period.

Another important factor is how easy it is to install such a system and how responsive the support is. 

In summary: A sophisticated SAP Basis system management suite solves numerous SAP infrastructure challenges and covers many tasks or fields of activity. It also ensures a high degree of automation, right up to full automation - with corresponding benefits such as time, cost and resource savings, while maintaining a high level of process quality including audit and compliance conformity.

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