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Windows 8 has failed

I was pleased to read this sentence on Spiegel Online, where a report holds Microsoft partly responsible for the crash of the PC market. One of my deputies has had a Lenovo notebook with Windows 8 since the beginning of this year - I haven't heard the good man swear so much in years. What sounds funny is a serious problem:...
May 12, 2013
This text has been automatically translated from German to English.

A solution will be found for the disastrous Windows 8.

Many years ago, we launched the Client-Support to a Service provider with whom a good and trusting basis has developed.

However, when I look at my son's Apple notebook, I ask myself, why not also Microsoft can bring a little more continuity to necessary innovations.

About five years ago I became intensively involved with the Apple-platform - but even today I can still operate my son's MacBook, and I'm also sufficiently comfortable with the iPad.

This is not trivial, because an operating system change and update on the Client always has two sides: One concerns our Service provider with regard to licenses, organization and possibly new Hardware; the other side relates to our efficiency.

Windows 8 is counterproductive for the traditional desktop worker.

To emphasize the otherness of this Microsoft-product, we would have to schedule three days of training - what would be better after that?

Yes, right, we already had this discussion: technical release change at R/3! The conversion to ECC 6.0 cost a lot and the board asked what will be better. Nothing!

But the change to Unicode, ECC 6.0, NetWeaver 7.4 (coming soon) is at least a safe starting point for so-called innovations from Walldorf. But Windows 8 brings nothing at all.

Other topic - Formula 1

The Formula 1-season has started and at the beginning there was a veritable dispute about corporate policy, sportsmanship, command structure, tactics and selfishness: may the faster one win!

Hana is fast and the PAM from February of this year promises exorbitant things. (PAM, Product Availability Matrix, note by the author. Red.)

While I was preparing breakfast on Sunday, the car race in Malaysia was going on.

As a compatriot of Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) and Nico Rosberg (Mercedes AMG), I would naturally have liked to see both on the winners' rostrum. Vettel did it. Rosberg was disciplined, stayed behind the slower Lewis Hamilton in fourth place and collected sheet metal.

Is Formula 1 a sport? Yes, then may the best man win!

Obviously, manipulated victories and lucrative prize money count more. Niki Lauda, an Austrian - like our E-3 editor-in-chief - said in the RTL interview that sportsmanship becomes wastepaper with the tactical specifications of the racing team.

What about the sportiness of the SAP ordered?

At HanaHardware-Race is fought for supremacy by almost any means.

Vettel took a risk, showed what he could do, and won.

Egoistic, honest and straightforward - that's the only way to become world champion. Tactical games are not his thing.

However, tactics and diplomacy are an essential factor in certifying HanaHardware. The Server-manufacturers are like Formula 1-Race stables.

Everyone has to fight for victory with the same tires and similar engines.

At Hana-Race all have the same engine from IntelIt is difficult to differentiate between them. And the pressure of competition is becoming ever greater.

Now there are already ten suppliers that have entered my Data center want. A stable order from SAP can wreak havoc here.

I want real winners, but finding them in the PAM is difficult.

I spoke on the sidelines of the CeBIT with an insider who was sporting but also disillusioned:

"SAP continuously changes the rules of the game. We deliver Server to Certification and wait a few weeks, during which SAP changes the rules without notice. What should we do? The Server from the Certification or compete with a system that is no longer adequate and look like a loser in front of the competitor - because there are always colleagues who hear the grass grow earlier and deliver the Hardware later."

The concerns of the SAPHanaHardware-partners are not supposed to be mine - at the end of the day, it still hits me when I go on a shopping spree and at the CeBIT-booth of the SAP I'm not sure how I'd feel facing an exotic company like Huawei.

I sent my assistant ahead to drop off a business card.

To date, we still have no response from Huawei - but the company name on its card should not be unfamiliar.

Finally, a staircase joke of the SAP-Community: V

some years ago got SAP a new CIO. It was Oliver Bussmann, who came from Allianz in the USA.

A short time later had SAP a new Global Communications SVP. It was Hubertus Külps, who came from Allianz in the USA.

At the end of last year, Mr. Külps left to join UBS in the Switzerland as communications and marketing manager.

Now Oliver Bussmann has joined him as the new UBS CIO. Switzerland followed.


Our mysterious, anonymous columnist.

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