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SAP's mobile strategy

From our point of view, it is still highly interesting to follow SAP's mobility strategy.
Matthias Zacher, IDC
July 5, 2013
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In Orlando announced the Walldorf the launch of SAP Fiori, a new Portfolio of business applications, which is used for frequently occurring Tasks can be used.

Access is possible via smartphones, tablet PCs or desktop PCs. SAP Fiori is based on the assumption that Business users want the same ease of use and intuition that they get from consumer products. Apps know

In addition, there were SAP announced a partnership with Mocana to address security issues in the Mobile Device Management on a broader basis. This partnership is part of the new SAP Mobile Secure offering, which covers mobile devices and content in addition to mobile application management.

The steps from SAP reflect very well fundamental trends in the use of mobile devices that can currently be observed. These are in detail:

Business-users want easy-to-use Apps and better user interfaces:

The consumerization of IT has different manifestations and effects, among which the "bring your own device" (BYOD) phenomenon certainly stands out the most.

But it is already becoming apparent today that BYOD will become "Bring your own IT" will lead to. This also includes Appswhich are considered to be the next big challenge.

Nowadays, employees simply bring their end devices with them into the Company and expect that such easy-to-use and user-friendly Appsthat they already use on their devices, also from the IT provided and supported for their professional needs.

SAP Fiori can be understood as a response to these market requirements. At its market launch, the solution included 25 applications for such regularly occurring Tasks such as invoice processing, information searches, travel expense reports, sales orders, and order tracking.

Fiori uses SAP UI5 and is based on HTML5 and can thus be used throughout the company or across devices. The provider is thus responding to the need to make even complex business applications available as apps.

The market is moving toward a holistic approach to enterprise mobility:

Those responsible for Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) are currently particularly interested in broad and comprehensive approaches to the Management and the security of end devices, applications and content or data.

More and more providers are taking these wishes into account. SAP has combined and further developed various solutions with Mobile Secure. In detail, these are device management (MDM) based on SAP Afaria, either from the cloud or on premise, app security through the partnership with Mocana based on the product Mocana Mobile app Protection and the Management and the protection of mobile content with SAP Mobile Document.

In addition, the Walldorf more building blocks from their cloud Portfolio in the context of mobile security. In addition, BusinessObjects can be used to create reports for various evaluations and analyses of user behavior, compliance and other important key figures.

Partnerships are the key to success in the current market situation:

Since the market landscape in the mobile enterprise is so broad and comprehensive, it can only be tapped with powerful partnerships. SAP acts as a reseller for the Mocana Mobile app Protection. The application enables granular security and usage strategies for iOS and Android Apps during the development.

The solution can be managed via SAP Afaria. Combining the functionality of two solutions is nothing new in the mobile enterprise, and SAP and Mocana are thus following a tried-and-tested approach.

Announcements on SAP Secure and the partnership with Mocana support the Group's mobile strategy. Mobile Device Management via SaaS is a development that is gaining more and more followers, and with a price of one euro submits SAP an attractive offer.

The market is still on the move. Many providers working with mobile Device Management have expanded their offering to include Mobile Enterprise Management.

To be better positioned here, was SAP challenged to provide SAP Afaria - the product had and has a good market position in MDM - with additional solutions. SAP Mobile Documents, the partnership with Mocana and the analytics functionalities mentioned are steps in the right direction.

The task now is to expand the whole thing further and for many Company attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises. Company as well as for global players. Cloud computing will undoubtedly play an important role here.

On the one hand, there are functionality and scalability, which allow limitations downwards and upwards. But also low upfront costs, lower risk and comprehensive support options.

The Mobile Enterprise Market Management is highly fragmented. It is therefore understandable that SAP partnerships instead of further acquisitions. On the other hand, it would also make a certain amount of sense to cover the entire lifecycle for mobile enterprise. Management to cover with its own consistent platform. This is not yet the case today.

In principle, it should be noted that SAP is in a good position and will undoubtedly strengthen its existing position in the mobile enterprise market. Management will expand.

Matthias Zacher, IDC

Working as Senior Consultant for IDCCentral Europe GmbH.

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