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SAP Startup Spotlight Series: goFlux

E3 Magazine has selected the most exciting startups to feature in our SAP Startup Spotlight Series. In today's installment, we feature goFlux, which offers a freight trading platform and related products.
Laura Cepeda
August 22, 2023
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Rodrigo Gonçalves has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial, logistics, infrastructure and business development areas. He holds a degree in Business Administration with an Executive MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral, a Post-MBA from Kellogg School of Business (USA) and training in Authentic Leadership Development from Harvard Business School (USA). He held leadership, senior management, and C-Level positions in large companies such as ABInBev, Vale, Log-In Logística, VLI, Algar Agro, and Eurochem Fertilizantes Tocantins. He is currently Co-Founder and Chief Drive Officer of goFlux, a Startup that combines logistics expertise and technology to transform the road transport sector through financial solutions, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Rodrigo Gonçalves, Co-Founder and Chief Drive Officer, goFlux

1. What is goFlux and what do you offer?

goFlux is the Brazilian freight exchange. We connect truckload heavy users with more than 3000 freight forwarders, bringing compliance, network effect and process efficiency to the freight procurement process. In conjunction with the freight trading platform, we offer a complete portfolio including control tower, dispatching, carbon offsets, financial services, and AI-powered data and forecasting.

2. How does your solution work?

We work as a platform by helping the connection between shippers and carriers, bringing them new and exclusive tools to negotiate and hire truck freights like an exchange in real time. This is vital for large industries such as agriculture and foods, commodities that struggle with a very volatile freight market. We help those companies to connect and negotiate their freights with hundreds of curated and homologated carriers, bringing more competitiveness with one hundred percent transparency and compliance.

3. Do customers require special technologies/devices to access your service?

No! It’s a plug and play platform, and it can be connected to several different technologies, including SAP Solutions.

GoFlux platform can be implemented in less than a week. It’s simple and can replace the enormous number of emails and calls that users usually need to make to hire freights. There’s no need for any special technology, and it can be accessed by web and mobile app.

4. Why did you start goFlux?

We have worked with logistics for over 20 years and have lived through most of the problems that we now solve with GoFlux. We never compromised on compliance issues or settled for insufficient data for decision making. We always believed that logistics could and should be more digital, efficient, and connected. This is why we started the company 5 years ago.

5. How are you connected to SAP? Can your solution be integrated in SAP systems and if so, how?

We have full API capabilities with SAP Logistics Business Network. We were accelerated by SAP.iO in 2022/2023 and now our solutions are available online on the SAP Store. We already have customers using our solutions fully integrated into their SAP platform.

We use a wide range of APIs available for different applications in the freight network.

6. How has SAP.iO’s involvement impacted your journey?

SAP.iO was very important because they brought us to a new level of branding and a different commercial approach to reach new customers. Being available in the SAP Store is proof that GoFlux solutions, in conjunction with SAP’s portfolio, can be a comprehensive and competitive solution for enterprises in South America. During the process we had contact with great professionals and received mentorship that helped us forge some of our integrations and made it possible for GoFlux to have a completely new understanding of our capabilities.

7. What's next for goFlux?

We are growing fast and are very focused on generating value beyond simple digital connection. We are developing generative AI that can help businesses have less human interaction using our platform: reducing errors, enhancing compliance, and generating more value with intelligence. We aim to bring a completely new approach to the market in terms of how companies think of logistics. With more applied data, intelligence, and efficiency.

We're excited to see what the future holds for goFlux! Make sure to share your questions, comments, or concerns in the comment section below. If you want to see more of this series, check out our previous article.

Laura Cepeda

Laura Cepeda is Managing Editor for

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