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Rise with Essential, Advanced or Select

SAP aims to simplify its service and support portfolio and is focusing on customer adoption and usage, with a primary focus on cloud application adoption and usage.
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20 June 2022
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The new SAP offering is designed for the cloud and is intended to help existing customers realize rapid value creation and achieve lasting success. The cloud-based portfolio aims to provide existing customers with new experiences, enhancements and services to meet their unique needs. "Our services and support professionals can draw on SAP's 50 years of experience. Together with customers and partners, they work to deliver results quickly and enable continuous innovation", defines Claudio Muruzabal, SAP president of Cloud Success Services.

"Whether customers are implementing something new, moving a legacy system to the cloud, or changing the way their business works, we help them design and deploy the right solutions throughout the lifecycle. Regardless of their starting point, the size of their business or their pace, we offer a portfolio that meets our customers' needs and helps them unlock the full potential of their SAP solutions." 

Rise with SAP

After a year of "Rise with SAP" with similar goals, SAP is trying a new idea: At the beginning of this year, the Cloud Success Services organizational unit was created. This SAP department is intended to achieve what Rise failed to do: The new offering provides existing customers with ongoing support for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. It is also intended to make it easier for customers to interact with SAP at their own pace. Existing customers are to benefit from project-specific services as well as proactive and business-critical support.

SAP's MaxAttention, Preferred Success, and Enterprise Support offerings remain in place and will be further developed. As part of the realignment of the cloud portfolio, new options have also been added to these offerings, including Embedded Launch Activities and SAP Business Journeys.

However, to provide maximum flexibility to existing customers, SAP is providing three new "Success Experience" tiers that take into account individual customer requirements and implementation approaches: Essential Success Experience, Advanced Success Experience and Select Success Experience. All three tiers are designed to prepare and guide customers to accelerate their Rise-with-SAP software platform implementations.

Essential Success Experience is based on SAP Enterprise Support and provides a comprehensive, foundational onboarding and support experience for customers across the entire SAP solution landscape. The focus is on proactive business-critical support, application lifecycle management (ALM), and rapid time to value. The cloud editions of SAP Enterprise Support are complemented by Embedded Launch Activities. This enables customers to prioritize and accelerate features that deliver value faster, allowing them to benefit from ready-to-use functionality. SAP SolMan is no longer mentioned here in connection with AML.

Advanced Success Experience provides personalized solution and process expertise for cloud solutions based on SAP Preferred Success, backed by extended service level agreements in support. This provides a personalized roadmap for everything from workflows to user experience to corporate culture. Existing customers can get even more value from SAP solutions and continuously improve their business results through comprehensive consulting as part of the Preferred Success offering. A tailored success plan is defined with the help of key performance indicators and milestones. A Customer Success Partner also helps customers realize the full benefits of their SAP solutions.

Success Extensions

Select Success Experience is designed to address customers' transformation needs and help them achieve their desired outcomes. This is to enable optimization as well as value creation in enterprise landscapes with multiple solutions. Existing customers have a choice: they can opt for a multi-year, strategic collaboration with SAP based on MaxAttention, for short-term projects focusing on key business events with business journeys.

In addition to the three Success Experience Levels, Success Extensions are offered that can be combined with the three Experience Levels and provide cloud optimization services before and after go-live. Existing customers can select Success Services that meet their requirements at any time - from large transformation projects to complex scenarios or the introduction of new products. SAP is thus creating an almost exponential growth in rise-with-SAP solution models, in which the existing customer must now try to keep track.

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