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If you look at the top topic list of various market watchers, Big Data and Cloud Computing are right at the top. What is important in the implementation of big data and cloud in the SAP environment from an infrastructure perspective? What fits together and how? What role do Suse Cloud, Hana and Hadoop play?
Friedrich Krey, Suse
4 October 2013
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Also in the SAP-Environment become Big Data and Cloud computing ever more contoured. The innovation wheel is turning at high speed. Big data and cloud solutions can already be used.

SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud, for example, is here - with vHana, the Virtualization from Hana. It has already been released for test and development systems.

Whereby it is certainly only a matter of time before the SAP-release for productive systems. And with the Suse Cloud, it is already possible to create an on-demand cloud infrastructure, based on Openstack, for Hana to be implemented and operated.

In addition, the so-called Hana-platform in rollout, where Hana in Connection with Sybase IQ and Hadoop take center stage.

How do the applications of SAP Hana and Hadoop off?

And: How do the database technologies fit together?

Hana is known to have its strengths in processing structured data of up to 100 terabytes at extreme speeds.

Hadoop on the other hand, was not prioritized for OLTP- Transactions designed.

The plus of Hadoop is quite clear: to perform data processing of unstructured, mostly text-based information as efficiently as possible with low hardware storage costs per terabyte, using so-called Hadoop-Cluster with several hundred standard servers to the Insert can come.

Pragmatic coupling

And what role does the Suse Cloud in Connection with Hana and HadoopFrom an infrastructure point of view, the Big DataApplications to be able to put on?

Before answering this question, it is important to know the following: When cloudifying SAP Hana with Suse Cloud, the provisioning technology provided with it can be used to be able to automatically integrate new hardware resources into the cloud network.

The underlying Open Source-technology is Crowbar from Dell as an integral part of Suse Cloud. And the installation of SLES for SAP Applications is also automated.

Thus, it is possible to install all other technology components of the cloud.

The DeploymentThe rules are packaged in so-called barclamps. Based on what has been shown above, SAP Hana can be used in the Suse Cloud with the Hadoop-installation.

It must be taken into account that from Hadoop today, a physical installation is preferred for reasons of IO behavior. Finally, with Big Data processes gigantic data in the range of petabytes or even exabytes.

Efficient Management

Dell is currently developing a barclamp to provide a Intel-based Hadoop-installation via Crowbar.

With Crowbar as the central Deployment- and configuration platform, an IT organization is enabled to use one solution to integrate the Suse Cloud and Hadoop-Cluster to operate and manage.

In both cases, the performance of the platform plays a decisive role. Due to the close cooperation with SAP is used by Suse ensured that both Hana and the Hadoop-cluster bring maximum performance - and in Connection of both technologies with each other in the Suse Cloud likewise the Suse-platform can be used in an optimized way.

SAP-users who rely on Big Data and Cloud computing benefit demonstrably from this close interlinking.

In concrete terms, this involves, among other things, profitable process optimization, with a particular focus on actions in the event of fluctuations in demand. And this is done with the inclusion of important demand and utilization data.

Here sends SAP the Application Demand Signal Management powered by SAP Hana.

In this context, it is possible to take into account or process point-of-sales data as well as market research data and customer preferences (large data volumes).

Friedrich Krey, Suse

Friedrich Krey is Head of SAP Alliances and Partners EMEA Central SUSE Linux GmbH and one of our esteemed E3 SAP Community Magazine columnists.

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