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Irresistible Organization

Resilient and irresistible companies can only exist with an innovative software architecture, and for this, composability - technology offerings that can be composed - is needed.
Charles Homs, Oracle
23 March 2022
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Companies need to understand their workforce needs quickly and easily if they want to attract and retain top talent. But only 11 percent of companies (Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends Survey) can provide real-time information about the state of their workforce. It's difficult to collect, cleanse and draw insights from data, but it's even more challenging when you need to integrate data from multiple systems.

People Analytics

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics makes it easy to bring this data to life in a cohesive story. With voice-driven analytics, HR and people managers can ask any question and get the answers in a visually appealing way, no matter where they are. As a result, end users don't need to know where the data is stored, whether in Oracle or SAP. As employees work from multiple locations and work flexibility increases, HCM analytics simplify the collection of data and insights across the enterprise, helping HR managers better recruit, retain talent and predict demand.

Employee Experience

Communicating with, connecting to, and supporting employees is critical not only in crisis situations, but also in day-to-day operations. Employers need tools to better engage and support employees while making work more personal and productive.

Oracle Journeys helps improve the employee experience by enabling organizations to create personalized support for their employees. For example, HR managers can create Journeys, or step-by-step guides, to help employees through key events, such as onboarding, developing their career, launching a new product, working from home, or even taking a vacation. These experiences are tailored to each individual and are instantly available across desktop, mobile, Oracle Digital Assistant, and collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Skills Management

Companies need to plan for long-term growth while developing the agility to shift quickly when needed. To do this, they need to know at any point in time what skills they have and where they need to invest or acquire new ones. Oracle Dynamic Skills helps to continuously identify, manage, and grow the skills that feed the talent supply chain. It helps answer the critical question: Do we have the right talent now and in the future?

Oracle Cloud HCM enables employees to create personal profiles, connect with each other, and even participate in wellness programs. Successful companies such as Kraft Heinz, Deutsche Telekom and Unilever have worked with Oracle to create "irresistible" experiences to attract and support employees.

Supplier Intelligence and AI

If the company depends on key suppliers for business success, Oracle can help monitor factors such as a supplier's production capacity, regulatory certifications, codes of conduct, financial strength and more. Even good suppliers can make bad mistakes. That's why you need an additional layer of risk assessment. A source that provides up-to-date information about events that could negatively impact supplier delivery times so that disruptions are avoided.

Oracle has integrated Supplier Intelligence with Oracle Cloud Procurement. The solution uses natural language to search the web for supplier information, process it using AI, filter and score the information with user-defined parameters, and alert procurement professionals in real time. And when you're in the final stages of supplier selection, AI can collect and validate information on millions of companies.

Cloud Procurement

Oracle has introduced several updates to Oracle Cloud Procurement that can help reduce costs, including new spend and procurement analytics. This provides a holistic view of procurement and supplier performance across the enterprise. Spend classification helps to understand a company's spending patterns and gain visibility into purchasing activities. Using machine learning to classify spend data into logical categories can eliminate manual effort and reduce human error.
When a potential supplier responds to a screening questionnaire, internal stakeholders can now provide feedback on those responses, which helps provide a more complete and accurate assessment of the supplier's capabilities, environmental impact and risk. Companies can also ensure that contractors and subcontractors adhere to negotiated payment terms, and gain visibility into how services are spent at each payment stage.
Charles Homs, Oracle

Charles Homs is vice president of Global Competitive Strategies at Oracle.

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