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Digitize HR departments

The home office trend, tighter legal regulations, and the shortage of skilled workers - HR departments are facing enormous challenges in the modern working world. A well thought-out digitization strategy is needed if the competition is not to leave you behind.
Martin Grentzer, Aconso
March 7, 2023
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Stay competitive with automated HR document management

The automation of HR document processes is a good starting point. Anyone who works in HR departments knows that documents are often still laboriously created manually. This is time-consuming and can lead to transmission errors - which in turn can have legal consequences. In addition, the shortage of skilled workers is putting a strain on HR departments - HR experts are also scarce. Regular tightening of documentation requirements under labor law, such as the new Verification Act effective August 1, 2022, also means extra work for HR professionals. 

An efficient solution approach for relieving the burden is called: digital HR document management. This allows routine tasks to be automated and processes to be controlled simply and centrally. Thoughtfully implemented, a workflow organized in this way has the potential to significantly reduce the workload of the HR department and thus strengthen the company in the intense headhunting competition. After all, applicants want to receive a quick and uncomplicated response. Those who have to wait too long for their employment contract, for example, may sign with the competition. But where should companies start with the digitization process?

Digital personnel file

The basis for successful digitization of HR document processes is the digital personnel file. After all, automatically generated documents have to be stored somewhere, and ideally this is done in a place that - depending on the document type - authorized employees can access centrally. The digital personnel file is much more complex than an ordinary drive folder. It is a central platform solution on which all of an employee's important data and HR documents can be accessed in a compliance-compliant manner. 

Almost all HR documents that arise in the course of an employee journey can be generated automatically. With intelligent HR software, it is no problem for a manager to generate the employment contract conveniently and directly during the job interview - even via mobile device and from the home office. Together with the desired candidate, the manager checks off all the relevant contractual points, such as the start date or salary. The personnel data and the job description flow in automatically from the HCM system. In the final step, the employment contract is generated at the click of a mouse from legally secure, predefined text modules and the candidate can immediately sign it digitally. Subsequent changes can be made at any time.

Other documents along the employee journey, such as references, employer certificates or parental leave documentation, are also largely standardized and can therefore be automated without much effort. Ideally, at the end of the digitization process, the HR department no longer needs to intervene with many documents. The employee simply calls up the required certificates conveniently in self-service. 

But before companies hastily initiate digitization processes under increasing competitive pressure, they should take a close look at which HR solution from which provider actually suits them. The first priority for a document management solution is ease of use - especially in light of the shortage of skilled workers. As a rule, users are not specialized IT professionals. That's why everything should be as intuitive as you'd expect from conventional interfaces such as those used for online shopping. There should also be no additional work for the IT department apart from implementation. After all, this is where the skilled labor problem is particularly glaring in most companies. 

An intuitive cloud solution offers many advantages here. Only in an outsourced cloud can even smaller IT teams manage the HR software. Because here the provider is responsible for maintenance, operation and updates. Such a solution is also quick and easy to install. In addition, the cloud is flexible and accessible from anywhere via mobile devices, thus facilitating hybrid working. If companies want to be absolutely sure, they should opt for a cloud solution that is hosted in a DSGVO-compliant country. In this way, the digital transformation will succeed without any problems and HR departments can do their part to ensure that their companies remain competitive.

Martin Grentzer, Aconso

Martin Grentzer is Chief Financial Officer at Aconso

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