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Hana's Cloud Cuckoo Home

Now it's here, the Hana Enterprise Cloud. Editor-in-chief Färbinger forced me to watch the recording of the Plattner/Sikka presentation from Palo Alto. I was horrified! Now SAP has finally become an American show company of sales and marketing. It's high time I went to Walldorf to see what's going on.
20 June 2013
This text has been automatically translated from German to English.

A Chief Technology Officer like SAP-Executive Board member Vishal Sikka gets to talk bits and bytes all day - I expect that from him and from my CTOs as well.

But a SAP-founder and current CEO should still have the big picture and the big picture in mind.

The video from Palo Alto with the two buddies Hasso Plattner and Vishal Sikka was shameful: Operative ERP-data in the cloud connected to the Business Suite via the WWW?

According to Professor Plattner, this is the future and, at the same time, the best TCO in the SAP-Community.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

"And what does your cloud cuckoo home look like?" my wife asks me as she makes a photo comparison between Plattner and me 15 years ago and now, saying that she is now very glad that we don't have a sailboat but go hiking and mountaineering in Austria on a regular basis.

Back to the Cloud and to my Down-to-Earth Cloud project.

As part of our new central Data Center in Germany I also ordered my team to design a cloud master plan, with the brief to make it as simple but efficient as possible - hence the internal project name Down-to-Earth-Cloud.

The concept presented by Hasso and Vishal including the monitoringSoftware I like.

The visualization of the Hana Enterprise Cloud is finally something for our young professionals from college who have grown up with smartphones and tablets.

The rapid deployment of a HanaDB with the Monitoring-.Software looked convincing in the video.

Yes, I would possibly use these Hana Buy Enterprise Cloud and use it with me in the Data center for our Group as a private cloud.

Congratulations to the two IT-freaks and enthusiasts Hasso and Vishal!

But how anyone could come up with the idea of Database for the Business Suite in the Cloud and as an umbilical cord to push the WWW to accept, I can't explain.

Cloud services, yes of course, but the ERPDatabase not in own Data center is not only negligent, but also illogical:

Neither a Database nor the necessary infrastructure, nor the DB admin personnel costs justify a Outsourcing.

Hosting of a complete ERP-system makes sense and whoever wants to can use the Cloud computing name

The SAP-but I understood the video to mean that the Database is separated from the Business Suite and integrated as HanaDB into the Hana enterprise cloud, while the business suite application servers are located in my Data center remain.

Everything is connected, according to Hasso and Vishal, via the Internet, which apparently now has a response time behavior of a few milliseconds.

I am not familiar with this technology: We have rented our own telecommunication lines from Tata Communications, among others, which works excellently, but also has its price.

To avoid the WWW we give them a wide berth whenever possible.

I think that Hasso and Vishal also actually meant International Private Lines, Global WANs and Enterprise Adaptive Network Services.

But in front of analysts and journalists recently reacted at SAP the marketing language. It's a pity that Hasso and Vishal also have to bow to this marketing dictate.

The presentation was thus atrocious and I can only hope that editor-in-chief Färbinger will not force me to do it again, SAP-consume videos.

No Sapphire 2013 in Europe!

That fits like a glove.

First the SAP-video from the USA and then the humiliation of Europe. If I were a passionate sailor and knew that the America's Cup this year would be in San Francisco takes place and would be Larry Ellison from Oracle my favorite enemy, then I would also move my office to Palo Alto and with Vishal Sikka to the Hana-But I'm the CIO and EVP of a global corporation headquartered in Europe.

No Sapphire in Europe is unforgivable!

I've only been to a Sapphire three times and vowed never to attend another, but for my Employees the european Sapphire/TechEd is an important Information- and communication event.

And I am happy to confirm here anonymously that the Sapphire in Madrid is always a thank you in the form of an incentive to my Employees was.

Give me three minutes with the Sapphire rep and immediately we'll have that European event again.

Another three minutes and I'll reveal all the tricks to getting more than 5,000 visitors to the Sapphire.

What Oracle, and Apple would also have to be created for a SAP be possible. In Europe it is possible for SAP a home game.

I still remember the better times, when the Austrian colleagues with a SAP-charter flight from Vienna to the European Sapphires.

It works if you stand up to the American controllers and sales and marketing managers.


Our mysterious, anonymous columnist.

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