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Signavio & SAP S/4HANA - The optimal path to digital transformation

Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities in enterprise resource planning (ERP). In turn, digital ERP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA are driving the Digital Transformation Economy. Today's internationally successful companies have recognized this continuum early on. They are embracing digital innovation and working smarter in the process.
Signavio GmbH
October 14, 2019
Signavio & SAP S/4HANA - The optimal path to digital transformation
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Within these intelligent enterprise structures, data-driven ERP management can eliminate information bottlenecks by automating core business processes. Meaningful networking of functional areas, such as finance, manufacturing and supply chain, promotes a fast flow of information across departments.

Complete digital transformation

S/4HANA is one of the most modern and important pillars in IT today. It can significantly support the complete digital transformation of a company and lead to optimal results in the long term. Our markets and today's financial and regulatory landscape are in a state of continuous change. This in particular requires a transparent view of business processes. This is the only way to design processes in an agile manner, make business decisions consistently and reliably, and bring innovations to market faster. If you use S/4HANA in your organization in a targeted manner to close the gap between business departments and IT, you will not only achieve a simplified technical alignment, but also a convergent strategy in both areas. Ideally, business and IT activities are aligned, and your leadership teams are in a constant exchange.

S/4HANA is considered one of the most versatile solutions on the market and is highly compatible with other platforms. This gives your team sound options for data exchange and data analysis without sacrificing familiar interfaces.

Did you know?

  • S/4HANA rounds off the SAP business suite and is characterized by simple interfaces as well as planning and simulation options for many conventional transactions.
  • S/4HANA provides around-the-clock system stability, improves business processes and quickly adapts to new innovations to be ready for the challenges of the future.
  • The optimization within S/4HANA includes new user interfaces, reduced data volume, more flexibility and higher throughput. For example, finance departments will benefit from efficient services and accelerated financial closing.

Better with Signavio: Ensure your SAP success!

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite is a business user-oriented interface for the representation of all relevant business processes. The software enables you to connect the full potential of your business processes with the SAP ecosystem, ensuring ideal business-IT alignment. With Signavio, business requirements are transferred to the SAP application management environment without loss. Thanks to the support of open standards and generic APIs, Signavio's products can be integrated into any modern ERP system: This powerful combination helps to simplify business processes and actively exploit improvement opportunities, increasing both efficiency and effectiveness within a company as well as customer satisfaction in the long run.

Thanks to Signavio Process Manager, business and technical requirements are aligned to ensure that business experts and IT stakeholders are on the same page. With the help of simulation tools, all departments work efficiently. Even the migration of a process landscape from outdated software systems can be performed well due to the high degree of automation.

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Cloud-based enterprise resource planning is all about simplification. The need for additional hardware and software should be reduced and productivity increased - not only within daily processes, but also in the maintenance of systems. In this way, the use of S/4HANA can reduce costs in the long term and lead to greater agility. A private cloud enables companies to make efficient use of the huge volumes of data entering their systems, while at the same time fulfilling their responsibility for data security and data protection.

Faster to success with modern integration

In the past, the best practice of many SAP customers was to implement tools using a module-by-module approach, creating multiple Business Blueprints for each module. Since the introduction of S/4HANA, the focus is back on processes, which means Signavio - coupled with integration into Solution Manager 7.2 - becomes your central source for process documentation. This makes every go-live more user-friendly and creates a bridge between business and IT when rolling out SAP initiatives.

Whether S/4HANA or any other ERP system, Signavio Process Manager simplifies the entire implementation and integration process and enables companies/users and IT experts to make targeted improvements. This, in turn, allows employees to focus on high-value tasks that effectively contribute to a company's performance and translate into high customer satisfaction.

Five steps to better SAP integration with Signavio

  • Identify your process: Decide on a process-by-process approach or a "big bang" initiative.
  • Document your process: In doing so, record the actual state with all its subtleties and exclude obsolete processes.
  • Define your new process: prioritize business requirements and user needs and derive a technical process specification.
  • Implementation: Start process implementation in S/4HANA by automatically synchronizing requirements with Solution Manager 7.2.
  • Continuous improvement and maintenance: Enables business users to quickly adapt process adjustments to changing requirements.

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