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Most powerful Hana infrastructure

Huawei has introduced an SAP Hana tailored data center integration (TDI) solution. This elastic solution is designed to meet both data center and enterprise consolidation requirements for large enterprises.
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August 10, 2018
Most powerful Hana infrastructure
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The Huawei Hana TDI solution is based on the advanced OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 all-flash storage and KunLun Mission Critical Server, and is currently the industry's most powerful SAP Hana infrastructure solution.

It supports up to 200 SAP Hana nodes and each node can be expanded to 32 TB, the highest to date among SAP-certified infrastructures.

Huawei's KunLun Mission Critical Server uses RAS2.0 technology and provides some of the best reliability in the industry. Huawei OceanStor Dorado18000 V3 ensures high end-to-end availability of SAP services. Together, the components form the foundation for the industry's most reliable high-performance SAP Hana TDI solution.

Seamless integration

Huawei's Hana TDI solution adopts the OceanStor Dorado V3 and OceanStor 5000F V5 series all-flash storage systems and enables seamless integration of Hana databases into an existing data center architecture.

This enables stable flexibility, exceptional reliability, and reliable database management and maintenance. In addition, existing data center IT investments and processes can be reused to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

The new solution helps enterprises build converged data centers that support on-demand resource expansion. This solution provides shared storage resource pools for multiple services to improve resource utilization and offers the industry's best scalability of up to 200 nodes for on-premises storage.

OceanStor Dorado5000 V3 45 Cmyk
Huawei's Hana TDI solution adopts OceanStor Dorado V3 (pictured) and OceanStor 5000F V5 all-flash storage systems.

Landscape Management

It is SAP-certified and supports rapid growth of enterprise businesses. The solution also uses dedicated management plug-ins to interoperate with SAP's Landscape Management (LaMa) management platform, automatically and continuously manages SAP applications, databases, networks, and IT infrastructures, and takes advantage of Huawei's storage snapshots so that, compared with the conventional method, the deployment speed of the development and test environment is up to ten times faster.

To provide robust flexibility, SAP defines TDI mode for Hana usage. Companies can therefore choose to deploy Hana hardware components based on their needs and use the Hana system with the TDI solution.

Meng Guangbin, chairman of Huawei's memory product line, said:

"Huawei is the storage provider to commercialize NVMe. Huawei's all-flash storage is specifically designed for heavy-load critical applications and meets the storage needs of enterprise applications such as databases, virtual desktops, and server virtualization.

This effectively achieves solid reliability and high performance standards in SAP Hana scenarios. Huawei will work with SAP to build a powerful data processing platform that enables enterprises to accelerate their core data processing operations."

Large-volume SAP service integrations

Marco Ciavarella, Director of SAP EMEA South Region, comments:

"The Hana TDI solution seamlessly integrates Hana databases into an up-to-date data center architecture. Huawei's Hana TDI solution is a key infrastructure platform that hosts all SAP applications based on SAP-certified servers and storage products.

During SAP certification, Huawei's all-flash storage performed excellently. It is therefore ideally suited for high-volume SAP service integration.

We are pleased to cooperate with Huawei to provide a comprehensive Hana TDI solution, making customer service even smarter and more efficient."

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