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First Fully Automated Digital SAP Consultant with AI

In an era where artificial intelligence is increasingly coming to the fore, Sysparency presents the world's first fully automated and digital SAP consultant based on AI technology.
E3 Magazine
December 21, 2023
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This innovative software system promises to revolutionize the way companies optimize and develop SAP solutions. While Sysparency, the renowned spin-off from the Austrian JKU research center Software Competence Center Hagenberg, is celebrating this innovation as a revolution in the SAP consulting industry, some industry experts remain skeptical and warn of the potential risks. Sysparency, known for its innovative software analysis tools, confirms that its new digital SAP consultant is already helping companies to optimize complex SAP systems and business processes through automated analysis and documentation. According to Sysparency CEO Florian Schnitzhofer, the AI-supported platform is intended to close the gap that often arises due to the departure of experienced SAP employees and the loss of implicit knowledge about company software.

Efficiency increase

The unique selling point of the automated SAP consultant is its focus on individually programmed SAP enhancements. While previous tools on the market focused on standard SAP processes, Sysparency focuses on the uniqueness of companies, as individually programmed and customized business processes in particular guarantee the competitiveness of companies. The ability to analyze and document independently by the intelligent, digital SAP consultant enables internal teams to make adjustments and improvements to these company-specific and market-critical business processes independently of external consultants. This autonomy allows companies to use their resources more effectively.
and reduce their costs and minimize human error while becoming more agile and responsive. For many companies that are constantly looking for ways to reduce their operating costs and increase their efficiency, this innovation could be a game changer.

Potential risks 

Although Sysparency's fully automated SAP advisor has impressive capabilities, there are also concerns about reliance on such automated systems. Critics point out that human judgment and experience are often essential, especially in complex scenarios where AI may not take into account all variables or contextual information. There are also privacy and security fears, as the digital advisor needs to access extensive amounts of data to function effectively.

Another concern is the potential loss of jobs in the SAP consulting industry. With the introduction of such an efficient and cost-saving system, many traditional consultant positions could become redundant. A balanced approach? While the benefits of the digital SAP consultant are obvious, experts emphasize the need for a balanced approach. Many suggest that companies should view this technology as a complementary tool to be used in combination with human consultants to achieve the best value and efficiency.

Sysparency CEO Florian Schnitzhofer still has a lot planned: "We are only at the beginning of an incredibly rapid transformation of the SAP consulting market and all our developments are under the motto: strengthening competitiveness and empowering internal teams through Sysparency products." The launch of the world's first fully automated SAP consultant marks an important milestone in the SAP consulting world. It remains to be seen how companies will embrace this tool and what long-term impact it will have on the industry and the job market.

Author Florian Schnitzhofer describes the vision of the "self-driving company" as an obvious future in the coming decade. With his experience as an industrial engineer, computer scientist and strategy consultant, Schnitzhofer sees the "self-driving company" as a logical consequence of digitalization. A "self-driving company" can be understood in the same way as a self-driving car. The high degree of digitization of individual parts leads to the autonomy of the whole. Humans retain their control competence, but are freed from everything that automation and artificial intelligence can do for them. Schnitzhofer thus offers companies a profound model for the future. A fascinating picture that results from the technical possibilities but keeps people in mind. Routines and processes are controlled digitally, freeing people for creative and empathetic tasks. They regain their full autonomy, so to speak, through the self-driving company. Schnitzhofer sees enormous consequences for work models, processes and value creation for entrepreneurs. For managers, the book provides important food for thought and concrete guidelines for decisions that should be made today.

Florian Schnitzhofer
176 pages,
ISBN: 978-3-662-63066-2

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